45 ways you can help your skin

A healthy skincare routine
Myths and misconceptions
Dry or Itchy skin
Helpful lifestyle tips
Children with dry or itchy skin
There usually isn’t just one root cause of dry or itchy skin – it can often be caused by a lot of factors coming together.
The symptoms of dry or itchy skin can look different depending on your skin type. If you’re worried about your skin, talk to a GP or pharmacist who’ll be able to give more specific advice.
Some people find that dry or itchy skin can have a significant impact on their lives: having people to turn to for support can be valuable. This might be a friend, family member, online forum or a professional organisation.
Try to treat your dry or itchy skin early, as it can make your treatment that much more effective.
To help dry or itchy skin, you might like to use special enhanced emollients that include ingredients which help soothe it.
If you have a dry or itchy scalp, try changing your shampoo to a soap substitute that’s specially formulated and doesn’t include fragrances.
Many people find that their hands are particularly prone to dry skin: using a soap substitute to wash your hands and then applying an emollient or hand cream can often help.
A good routine is a complete routine: it needs to include an emollient and soap substitute.
You can build your skincare routine into your day – you might find that moisturising at the same times every day can help you stick to it.
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