Meet E45

Over 60 years of experience in supporting healthy skin

E45 knows that your skin needs support. We understand the importance of quality everyday skincare products that provide the best possible care for your skin with minimal fuss.

For 60 years, E45 has been the clinically proven, trusted skincare expert in try and itchy skin and treatment for eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis and other skin problems. E45 has proven dermatological expertise that’s dedicated to vulnerable skin.

The E45 range of good skincare products has been developed to work for all different skin types, all over your body and every day of the year. E45 works hard for your skin: to protect, maintain and improve skin health with quality products that deliver.

The voice of experience

In 1952 we released our first product – E45 cream. It was created by a Boots chemist in response to a customer request for a product that would soothe and protect the skin.

In 1963 physicians noticed E45 cream was a beneficial treatment for dry skin conditions. At this time, we only promoted our products to hospital sales departments. It wasn’t until 1980 that E45 cream was introduced to the pharmacy and retail establishments, where it was recognised for its dry skin expertise.

In the 1990s we extended our product range to include a complete skincare treatment line. We’ve continued to create products with you and your skin in mind. We strive to continue to serve your needs and produce the very best for your own skincare routine.

Meet the experts

The tips and advice on our site has had input from the E45 expert panel – a group of healthcare professionals who have years of expertise in treating and supporting people with dry or itchy skin.