In the past year, three-quarters of UK adults claim that stress has left them feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope at some point.*

*Mental Health Foundation 2018. Survey of 4619 UK adults. May 2018.

35% of UK adults said that stress is a main factor affecting their skin.†

†E45: Straight Up Skincare Project. 2018 Survey of 5,009 UK adults. September 2018.

Work, commuting or even something as simple as losing a smartphone can raise our stress levels. Stress is known to cause a number of health related issues and it’s also a trigger that can affect our skin condition.

“Skin personifies how you are feeling.” Michelle Ralph, GP and Associate Treasurer Primary Care Dermatology Society.


Advice from our skincare experts† for managing stress

†Experts working with RB do not endorse any product or brand.

Maintain your skin treatment routine

Try to maintain a good work-life balance

Don’t forget to eat healthily

Practice mindfulness techniques and yoga

Exercise regularly


The NHS** has some useful advice and apps that can help with managing stress: . If you feel your stress levels are becoming unmanageable, speak to your GP.

**NHS do not endorse any product or brand.

“There is stress associated with eczema: the fear of recurrence.” David Mark Andrews, Community Dermatologist and Director of Clinical Innovation for a national dermatology provider.


Date of preparation: October 2018.