Hard Water

Hard water

Hard water contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and minerals. It has been hypothesised to aggravate atopic dermatitis as the high concentration of calcium and magnesium are irritant to skin, therefore higher amount of soap is needed to achieve lather, which means you use more soap to get clean. Soap can have a negative effect on the skin barrier.

1 in 10 of people in UK think hard water has an effect on their skin.* *E45: Straight Up Skincare Project. 2018 Survey of 5,009 UK adults. September 2018.


Advice from our skincare experts† for dealing with hard water

†Experts working with RB do not endorse any product or brand.

Use an emollient as a soap substitute

“Using emollients as a soap substitute will have a similar effect as a water softener.” Alice Lambert, Director of Services at the National Eczema Society.


Date of preparation: October 2018.