Synthetic materials can often make the skin hot leading to itch. Also watch out for seams and labels scratching at your skin.

Britons spend an average of 7.2 minutes caring for their skin each day.* *E45: Straight Up Skincare Project. 2018 Survey of 5,009 UK adults. September 2018.
Tip 1 - Clothing


Advice from our skincare experts† on your clothes

†Experts working with RB do not endorse any product or brand.

Consider wearing looser clothing and more natural fibres like cotton and bamboo

Consider fabrics e.g. wool, synthethic fabrics can aggravate

Layer your clothing.

“Going to the gym you are dressed to sweat but for some people, rushing around and sweating unexpectedly in the wrong kind of clothing can cause skin to flare-up.” Alice Lambert, Director of Services at the National Eczema Society.


Date of preparation: October 2018.