Skin conditions

The skin that protects our body is surrounded by potential triggers for dryness or even flare-ups if you have a severe skin conditions. Here are the most common triggers, along with advice from our experts* on how to minimise and manage their impact on your skin.

*Experts working with RB do not endorse any product or brand.

Only 24% of UK adults claimed to have a good idea what was making
their skin condition worse. †

†E45: Straight Up Skincare Project 2018 Survey of 5,009 UK adults. September 2018.

A busy lifestyle

In our busy lives, finding time to apply skin products several times can easily drop off the daily to-do list. However, skin health should remain a priority. Find a routine that allows you to keep your skin moisturised and nourished regularly.

Advice for those with busy lifestyles
● Set your morning alarm 10 minutes early, apply emollients and leave the skin exposed while you get ready – yes, that could mean making coffee in your underwear
● Make time to cover your whole body with emollients in the evening – greasier emollients such as ointment is more suitable for night time application as they are heavier and remain on the skin for longer
● If you know you’ll have more time at the weekend apply emollients several times at weekend – a ‘maintenance plus’ approach
● Can use emollient as a soap substitute when washing.

Trigger tracker
To help you document any regular activities or factors in your life that could be related to your skin conditions and to help you understand the impact of triggers you can

Download your Trigger Tracker which you can complete and share the tracker with your pharmacist/healthcare professional to help them advise on suitable skincare options.