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Winter Skin


Winter is upon us, which can mean dry, itchy, chapped skin. As a result you might have to change your routine up to compensate for the lack of moisture in the cold air, and for the amount of time we spend inside with heaters on full blast.

What Causes Winter Skin?

Itchy dry skin is a very common during the cold winter months when we tend to take long hot showers and wear clothes more prone to cause irritation. When skin becomes dehydrated and irritated, it loses its flexibility and begins to crack and itch.

Winter Skin Care

For some people winter can change everything about the look and feel of their skin while for others nothing might change. A little effort and care can be the difference that your skin needs to show you its better, healthier side.

How to Avoid Winter Skin with Five Easy Tips.

The winter can be brutal, especially for your skin. The dry heat from radiators zaps moisture and the cold strips away your skins natural oils. Chapped lips and dry skin don’t necessarily have to be a way of life during the colder months. There are some easy ways to rejuvenate your skin by adding to its softness and suppleness.

Here are five ways to care for your skin during the winter months:

Protect your skin

The most common skin care myth is that you can’t get sunburned during the winter months. Sunlight is always sunlight, regardless of the season. Wear sunscreen no matter how cold or warm it is, since sunlight is always there and sun-damaged skin has minimal ability to function normally. The damage can lead to a host of other problems that may keep your skin from looking its best.


Use a well-formulated moisturiser. It should contain ingredients that help keep the water in the skin. Keep in mind that a lotion or a cream is best for dry skin, which is especially common in winter months. Apply a moisturiser after showering or bathing, since skin is more vulnerable after it is clean. The sooner you moisturise, the better.


Indoor heat saps moisture from the room and pulls natural water from your skin. The cause of most weather-related dry skin is low humidity. Humidifiers are relatively inexpensive, last a long time and can keep your skin breathing during the night. Even placing a bowl filled with lukewarm water on top of the radiator can help add moisture into the air.

Take care of your hands

Cracked and painful skin on the hands can be a big nuisance. To prevent your hands from drying out in the cold air, apply moisturiser after hand washing or at least several times throughout the day. Keeping a bottle of lotion in your desk at work can help you to remember to care of your hands. Don’t forget that your nails can become dry just like the skin, so make sure to moisturise every part of your hands.

Protect your lips

Your lips are often the first to surrender to cold winter air. Apply a lip moisturiser as often as you can. Avoid products with menthol or phenol that can irritate the skin. Choose the most emollient balm you can find to keep your lips protected.

As winter rolls in we need to take extra care of our skin to keep it hydrated and protected. There’s no need to surrender to the harsh weather and there are a number of ways to carry your skin towards a gentler summer.  Remember that caring for your skin is an investment that can pay off in the long run.

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