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Skin care for combination skin


The majority of people have a combination skin type, where oil is produced around the nose and forehead but not around the eyes, on the cheeks or the periphery of the face.

To improve skin health when you have combination skin it is important to vary the skin care for different dry and oily facial areas.

What is the best skin care routine for combination skin type?

Establishing the right skin care routine for your combination skin type involves finding good skin care products to care for your skin's health and reveal your best skin.

Skin care for combination skin needs to target the dry zones around the eyes and on the cheeks, including rich creams and a combination skin moisturiser.

At the same time oily areas of the face (such as the forehead and nose) will benefit from frequent and thorough cleansing with an appropriate soap-free cleanser, as well as daily moisturising with a product that is specifically designed for combination skin.

E45 Cream for dry skin. Always read the label. E45 cream is a medicine.

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