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The skin is the protective barrier between you and the rest of the world. It helps regulate your body temperature and acts as a filter. It is also in a constant state of growth, with new cells forming and old cells dying all the time. Healthy skin is better equipped to fight the signs of aging – it heals much faster and can better protect you.

Proper Skin Care

Proper skin care is not only about looking good; it’s about staying healthy. Bad skin care habits can lead to sores, rashes, and acne. Unhealthy skin can be more vulnerable to disease; infections and can scar more easily after an injury. Skin is not something you can replace, so it is best to ensure that you are looking after it the right way.

Healthy habits and Moisturisers

Moisturising is a key factor in a good skin care routine: it eases dryness, refines pores, controls oiliness, calms and decongests the skin and provides a repairing barrier against the elements. A moisturiser makes the skin look healthier by smoothing down or removing the dead cells, filling the gap between the skin and its dry cells with liquid. This makes the skin more translucent by reducing light scattering and increasing light reflectance.

There are a number of aspects to your skin that are all equally important to keep in mind when thinking of skincare:


Proper skin care is vital if you are concerned about your physical appearance. Unhealthy skin can appear dull and sallow, wrinkles can develop more easily and sink deeper. A healthy skin will always look full and vibrant.


The skin is an organ that is protecting the body from outside forces and infections that could hurt your internal body. An unhealthy skin weakens the natural protection your skin can give. Remember that you can’t replace your skin, which is why it is important you do the best that you can to keep it healthy.

Keeping Skin Healthy

Skin changes and grows constantly, so you have to keep up to give it the care it needs. Give your skin some needed hydration by drinking water throughout the day and maintain a balanced diet that provides your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains are all good for maintaining a healthy skin. Be sure to use sunscreen if you're going to spend time outside.


Proper skin care means cleansing it properly. Using hot water can be bad for your skin as it draws out the moisture. Try using warm or cool water instead. Also, stay away from harsher soaps that can strip moisture from your skin. Moisturise effectively by applying lotion after bathing. Dry skin may be helped by using an oil-based lotion several times a day.

The Environment

The environment affects the skin in different ways. The sun can burn, dry and age your skin so you should always use a sunscreen for protection, and moisturise after exposure to the sun. Swimming is a good way to exercise, but the chemicals in the pool can dry your skin so always wash them off afterwards and moisturise too. Air conditioning and central heating can also over-dry your skin, so moisturise frequently to combat their effects.

Skin care is a must throughout your life. As the body matures and grows, it is important to understand and recognize the different ways your skin can change and be affected by age, weather and health issues. By being educated and moisturising your skin appropriately you can treat skin problems as they show up, and you will keep your skin healthy and smooth for life.

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