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E45's FAQ


Here at E45 we’re often faced with the same queries day in, day out. Rather than reply to every concern individually, we thought we could help better by creating responses before you’d even asked. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive, and here are some responses that could help you.

What is eczema?

In general, eczema is a medical condition where areas of skin can become rough, blistered and result in itching, bleeding and possible infection. Its cause is unknown, but what has been identified is the lipid barrier of skin being reduced in people with eczema. This leads to a tendency of dry skin. It is believed there are genetic factors involved, but not fully clear. Treatment is simply a case of avoiding irritants, moisturise daily, and use topical steroids on areas that are the most affected.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that creates inflammation. Usually it develops in patches or fed skin that appears scaly. Once established it is hard to remove, appearing every so often. In some people these occur often. People with psoriasis develop skin cells faster, and this leads to a build-up of skin cells on the top layer, which form plaques on the skin. Although the cause of this is not precisely known, it is thought that genetic factors have a big part to play. Moisturiser is a widely used treatment of psoriasis, as this helps soften hard skin and encourage proper cell development, and is very effective against milder forms of psoriasis. It also can help other forms of treatment on more stubborn areas.

How do I avoid dermatitis?

Contact dermatitis is a kind of eczema that contracts similar symptoms such as itchy, scaly skin, as well as itching and burning which could lead to blistered or cracking skin. The difference is that your skin reacts this way because of substances it comes into contact with. Although a steroid cream or ointment will take care of it, it’s important to identify those substances which cause your skin harm. Of course, some of these substances may come under daily use, such as leather shoes, clothes, rubber and cosmetics, so it’s important to research what could be causing the damage, and finding alternatives to use. This, and proper hygiene. Hand care is very important – ¾ cases of contact dermatitis involve hands – thus it’s important to keep them clean at all times, especially when handling objects or chemicals that you may not be sure of.

What are some of the best skin care products for my skin?

Here we recommend moisturiser as the prime caring product for your skin. Moisturiser has a multitude of benefits, including maintaining skin moisture levels, reversing the effects of the world around you on your skin, as well as that of aging and dryness. It can treat sun damage too, and encourages new skin cells to grow healthily. It can benefit all skin types, helping oily skin manage itself, and combination skin can be evened out.

E45 cream, and E45 shampoo maintain a host of benefits. Your scalp is often a site of uneven skin, and so shampoo can treat any itchiness or dry skin. E45 cream, meanwhile, should be a go-to treatment for all kinds of skin maladies, and as a daily moisturizer too.

So there are some of our most frequently asked questions. Read more around the subject in our article section to find out more information about psoriasis, eczema and moisturizer.

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