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Sunburn Treatment: How to avoid Sunburn in 3 Easy Steps


As the summer rolls on and the days get hotter and hotter, most people are eager to get out and take advantage of the good weather. However, having fun in the sun comes with great risks to your skin, as well as your health in general.

In order to avoid getting sunburn it is important to understand the science behind sunlight.

Sunlight consists of three types of rays of ultraviolet light:


UVC is technically the most dangerous, but mostly gets absorbed by the ozone layer.


UVB has a relatively short wavelength and cannot penetrate heavy cloud cover. It is however the main cause of burning and skin cancer.


UVA has wavelengths that are the longest of the three. It penetrates the deepest layer of the skin and causes wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. UVA rays are always present during the day, regardless of the amount of visible light you see.

The compounds in sunscreen transform the energy from light into heat, which dissipates safely around you. Sunscreen is one of the best preventatives that you can use, and come in a wide variety of strengths and types. It is important to use a sunscreen that protects you against both UVA and UVB rays. Even though it might not be bright outside does not mean that you are not getting skin damage - there are always UVA rays present during the day.

Remember to apply sunscreen before you go out so the cream can be properly absorbed, as sweating will hinder protective application.

Sunburn Treatment In Three Steps


Sunburn can hurt, dry your skin, induce wrinkles and increase your risk for skin cancer and whether you are home or on holiday, it’s easy to get sunburnt even in the UK. Here are some quick tips and tricks to treat sunburn and avoid it altogether.

Step 1 - Keep it cool.


As soon as you realise you are sunburnt, treat it immediately. Ensure you do not subject yourself to any lengthy periods of exposure and take a cool bath if possible to help soothe your burns.

A severe sunburn drains fluid to the skin surface and dehydrates your body, drink some extra water to combat dehydration and to help replace the water lost by sweating. If you’re in a hurry, pad the skin with a cool towel – it will still hydrate your skin and can help you heal faster.

Step 2 – Respect the Sun


Stay out of the sun for a while. Wear protective clothing. Sunglasses are your friends and a hat can offer great respite to your face and neck. Use extra caution when near reflective surfaces as UV rays can bounce off snow, sand and water.

Do not sit or work outside during the hottest periods of the day, instead try to find some shade and cool off. Young skin is more prone to sun damage, so it is especially important to protect infants from unnecessary radiation and sun exposure.

Step 3 – How to soothe Sunburn Blisters


A moisturiser can help soothe sunburn by trapping the water in your skin, and relieving the feeling of tightness. Use a moisturiser with Aloe Vera for bad sunburns, as it will help smooth the skin even more. Apply emollient creams, as these products are made to moisturise dry skin and prevent flaking and itching.

The burn in sunburn is there for a reason, so consider taking anti-inflammatory medications, as this can help ease the swelling and pain. If sunburn blisters form, do not panic, it just means that your skin is on the mend. Let your body do the work for you and apply some itch relief cream to reduce irritation.

Do not forget - the skin is a great record keeper and using good sunburn creams may help prevent irreparable damage like premature-aging or skin cancer. Take sunburn as a warning and use these tips to avoid the nasty side effects, so you can be outside enjoying yourself.

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