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Dry Skin: How to Keep Your Hands Healthy


Whether you’re typing on your computer, or cooking in the kitchen, your hands are constantly contacting other objects and encountering germs several times a day. The daily practice of washing your hands will keep most of the germs away, but could also cause dry skin.

Healthy Hands and Dry Skin

Skin is composed of layers, with the outer layer surrounded by natural oils that create a protective shield and keep water inside the body. By washing your hands too often the skins protective ability can be lost and can lower your skins overall integrity in turn. For those reasons alone, it is important to identify the daily dangers your hands are exposed to in order to prevent dry skin.

Dry Skin on Hands

Chapped skin occurs when skin is exposed to extreme cold and dry temperatures. Frequent washing will also strip away oils from the skin and by using a hand cream you can relieve the irritation associated with this condition.

Age Spots

A lifetime of exposure to the sun can cause age spots, but young people aren’t immune either. A good defence against such dryness and age spots is to use sunscreen on the backs of your hands and to generally avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

Thin Skin

As we age, the natural fat cushions in our hands begin to decrease and the skin on the back of the hands can become thinner, making the bone structure more visible in turn. By moisturising your hands regularly you can keep them better hydrated and prevent them from losing volume. Again, too much exposure to the sun can also accelerate collagen loss and increase this condition’s prevalence.


How to Keep Your Hands Healthy with These 4 Steps



Moisturisers can’t make you younger, but they will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Dry skin is the result of water loss and a good moisturiser serves to both slow moisture loss and also help draw water back into the skin’s surface layer. Dry skin on hands can be prevented by moisturising immediately after washing, ideally after you wash your hands and during your breaks at work.

Protect your hands

Use gloves to hide your hands from harsher weather and limit exposure to the sun, wind and other environmental challenges. Winter can be especially challenging to your skin, as the combination of hot and cold air can be particular harsh as your skin tries to adapt. To lessen the climatic effects, consider wearing gloves, as it will limit the amount of direct exposure your hands experience.  Even in the house, you should always protect your hands from detergents and cleaners by wearing gloves when washing dishes, or even when cleaning he house in general.

Care for your nails

Even though nails protect the ends of our fingers, it is still easy to overlook them. Just like your skin, your nails need to be sufficiently moisturised, as dry skin can also form around them. Keep your nails healthy by using a moisturiser after washing your hands and try to resist the temptation of picking off your nail polish, as it can cause them to weaken.

Healthy habits

Dry skin can also be helped by bringing minor changes to your lifestyle. Try massaging your hands from time to time to increase blood circulation and wear a sunscreen to prevent sun damage. Dehydration can also be a culprit behind dry skin so make sure to drink enough fluids during the day to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Dry hands can feel uncomfortable and make your skin look older than it is. Moisturising dry skin when it appears and learning to identify other skin problems can go a long way towards keeping your hands healthy and protected. Use these tips to bring small changes to your lifestyle and help your hands maintain a healthy look for a lifetime.


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