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The skin care experts at E45 know
your skin. Realise your best skin
and improve skin health with E45.

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We are there for your skin: to
protect, maintain and improve skin
health. Feel confident and at ease
in your own skin with the E45 range
of good skin care products.

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Take your first step towards great
skin with our E45 good skin care
products and advice, developed by
skin care experts.


Useful Links


Looking for more information? Take a look at a few useful websites that we have found to have very reliable information.

The National Eczema Society

As the UK's leading eczema patient support organisation, the National Eczema Society's website offers a variety of helpful resources for eczema sufferers and carers. The National Eczema Society strives to raise awareness not only within the community, but with healthcare professionals, teachers and the government.

The Ichthyosis Support Group

In 1997 the Ichthyosis Support Group (ISG) was formed to provide resources for those affected by Icthyosis. It aims to form an online community of parents, sufferers, and medical professionals to help individuals and families deal with this condition.

Psoriasis Association

As the leading national membership organisation for people affected by psoriasis, the Psoriasis Association shares valuable information for those affected by Psoriasis. It strives to provide support, raise awareness and raise funds for research of the causes, treatments and care of Psoriasis.


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New E45 Fast Acting Spray Moisturiser

New E45 Fast Acting Spray Moisturiser

The intense protection of E45 now in a fast absorbing spray

Treating eczema can be easy as 1,2,3.

Treating eczema can be easy as 1,2,3.

4/5 mums* have already seen the difference in using a 3 step programme supported by the National Eczema Society.**

E45 Product Range

E45 Product Range

Learn more about our leading moisturisers for dry skin.

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